Alpha At Assumption

We’re all searching for meaning and purpose. We all have questions:
Why am I here? Is there more to life than this? Does anyone care?
Alpha is a chance for us to ask the questions we have in a judgment-free environment.

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"What I appreciated about the Alpha course was the lack of pressure. I never felt that I was forced to stay or believe in anything what they were saying or explaining throughout the course. In the discussion groups I felt comfortable to ask my questions without being judged."
Alpha Member
"The beauty of Alpha is the ability to come as you are. Make the sessions you can. It's okay if you miss. Our hope is that you will feel welcome, comfortable and free to ask questions in an environment free of judgement."
Alpha Leader
We invite you to join us for Alpha, a fun and engaging series of nights sharing a meal, having open and real conversation about life and faith. We start on October 19 at the Aloft Hotel in the Inner Harbor in Syracuse. To make sure we are all safe, make sure you register in advance to save your spot!