Assumption’s vision for music in one that reflects the inclusive, positive, down-to-earth spirituality of the Franciscans who staff the parish and is deeply committed to Vatican II’s vision of full & active participation of the assembly. Assumption also has a long tradition of excellence and we welcome those who would like to join us in worship and music.

We offer a blend of traditional and contemporary music using GIA’s latest hymnal; Ritual Song published in 2016. Ritual Song—Second Edition includes music that has withstood the test of time, the best of new music and the most successful mass settings and service music written since the implementation of the Revised Order of Mass.

Would you like to try singing in the choir?

You don’t need to know how to read music, but you do need to love to sing! And love to pray, blending with others in the choir.

Music at our Liturgies

Saturday 4:00 PM: Cantor & Organ

Sunday 10:00 AM: Choir, Cantor & Organ

Organist: Owen Hucke

Lead Cantor: Nicholas Blaney

Assumption’s Principal Instrument

The church’s organ is a 56 rank, three manual pipe organ (originally a George Hutchings, 1898) which has been completely rebuilt by Kerner and Merchant Organ Co. (2013)  with updated console and multi-level digital switching system.